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  Last Updated: Jun 20th, 2021


TSComptuned is a Professional Tuning and Automotive Performance Service.
We specialize in the Mitsubishi market, But have the ability to tune other platforms as well, Including Honda, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, and much more. We have been tuning Fuel injected cars for over 15 years and have held and set World Records multiple times.

Our goal is to extract the maximum power out of your vehicle the safest way possible. Sometimes this means we will leave some power on the table, But the reliability of the tune and the end result is well worth it at the end.

The majority of our Tunes are performed Remote via programs such as Team viewer, and email based if the end user is experienced enough to do so. Tethering apps also help speed up the process of tuning remote / email based tuning.

Our main focus to a tune is to map as smoothly as possible, and perfect your drivability in all aspects. Cold start, Warm start, Cruising, Fuel consumption, part throttle, and wide open throttle. We are most known for having cars that drive better then stock, but still make double and triple the HP of the factory base numbers. Every car TSComptuned has tuned has excellent drivability with the final result. We would never leave a car go with jitter or hesitation or lean spikes, or anything abnormal.

Compare our maps to the rest and you will see why we are a good choice for you and your vehicle. We do not block tune, We do not use old technology mapping, and every car / build no matter how big the setup is, receives the same services and attention to detail as anyone else. Whether it be a 300whp setup or a 1000whp setup, drivability will never be affected with our tuning techniques.

We know how important it is to have a fully functional car, and not just something that has good power when the gas pedal is pressed to the floor. We will spend as much time as it will take to make your car right, and exceed your expectations. If you have problems during the tune and need assistance mechanically, we also are very experienced and good with troubleshooting issues that you may encounter if you are not within driving distance to get visually checked out or maintenance performed on your vehicle.

We currently offer tuning for the following:

AEM EMS Series (v1 & v2)
AEM F/IC All versions
Cobb Access Port
Ecmlink / DSMLink
HP Tuners

And much more!

Any and all parts and services we offer are strictly intended for off road use only. Any and all vehicles used on highway and or public motor roadways are strictly prohibited. By purchasing our parts & services, you legally bind to an agreement to follow the above rules. Failure to comply, you take full responsibility for your actions and release us from all liability.



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