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  Last Updated: Feb 14th 2014


ACT Monoloc for ACT / Exedy / any wedge collar style clutch

Brand: ACT
Product Code: 884006P
Availability: 2-3 day delivery
Price: $72.25 Shipped

This Product was designed for those who have had trouble with their wedge collar popping off their clutch due to either fast shifts, or just hard driving in general. With this one piece Wedge collar design newly found by ACT, this issue will no longer exist! If you have a fork stop you don't need it anymore, however i would recommend still keeping it installed just in case for good measures. Perfect for Exedy twin, triple, and any other clutch system equip with a Detachable wedge collar.


Quartermaster 8 leg EVO Race Clutch + Hydraulic TOB

Brand: Quartermaster
Availability: 2-3 day delivery
Price: $1711.00 Shipped
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This Clutch is the next best option besides the Exedy triple HD for an evo. This clutch is ran in 8 second Evo's and several very high horsepower builds with excellent results. This is the best bang for buck Clutch you can possibly buy for an Evo.

Please Note: The Street and Race version both handle the same power levels! The only difference is the Race version has a lighter flywheel, which makes taking off challenging. If you plan to do most of your driving on the street, we highly suggest you purchase the Street version with the heavier flywheel to keep your Revs from dropping to fast and making taking off difficult.



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