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  Last Updated: May 28th, 2013

FP Red Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger for the Evo 8/9

FP RED Turbocharger for the Evolution IX
Brand: Forced Performance
Product Code: NTEVORED
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Price: $2349.00
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Forced Performance is proud to announce the debut of our 100% brand new, patent pending, dual ceramic ball bearing design within the FP RED™ Turbocharger for the Lancer Evolution 4-9 vehicles. This new design virtually eliminates any limit to allowable thrust load within the turbocharger while simultaneously reducing drag and rotational resistance to spool up. The increased thrust limit significantly extends the longevity of the turbocharger when operated beyond its published flow and boost limits and eliminates the turbochargers sensitivity to lubrication interruptions due to hard acceleration and cornering forces. Recent performance testing at the MHI Research and Development Laboratories in Nagasaki, Japan verified that the design dramatically exceeds the normal allowable thrust loads for TD05/6 type turbochargers and allows for a significant increase in the available airflow from the turbocharger without bearing damage.

Internally very little is shared with any previously offered turbocharger anywhere in the world beyond the description of "ball bearing". This patent pending design is 100% blank page and will have an important impact on turbocharger bearing systems for years to come. The races and ceramic balls of the turbocharger are the highest grade components available anywhere, period. From this point forward the standard journal bearing system will not be available for the FP RED™ Turbocharger for the Lancer Evolution 4-9.

All FP EVO IX and EVO X turbos use only genuine MHI turbine housings.

FP Red Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger
FP Wastegate Actuator size of choice
FP Evo 9 Oil Filter Housing Line Kit ($250+ value)
FP (1) Year Warranty

Lancer Evolution 4-9 Ball Bearing Turbos and Upgrade Information

The FP RED™ turbocharger for the EVOIX is a mid range turbo. It flows between the Black and Green turbochargers in airflow wise. A typical bolt on evo with all supporting mods should see around 430-450 on 93octane with this turbo and up to 600whp on E85 or race gas fuels. This turbocharger is designed to run around 35psi maximum. Any further may result in premature failure due to over spinning the shaft. If you are on a 2.0L stock block and don't want a turbo as laggy as the black, but want something with more potential then the FP Green HTA then the Red is a great option to choose. The Red typically sees full boost at approximately 4200RPM on a 2.0L and as low as 3400RPM on a 2.3-2.4L.

This turbo features a 12 month complimentary repair policy. You must activate this service within 30 days of purchasing this turbocharger by returning the registration card included with the turbocharger and a copy of your receipt if purchased from a supplier other than Forced Performance. Please contact us directly if you have any problems or questions regarding your turbocharger, dis-assembly of the turbocharger or modification will void the Complimentary Repair Policy.

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