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 TSCOMPTUNED.NET - Mapping Techniques & Overview
  Last Updated: September 24th, 2011


I know how important it is for your Fuel and Timing Maps to maintain a smooth transition across the cells as the ECU traces the Map, But do other Tuners? To our surprise quite a few, In fact, almost more then 50% of Tuners do not tune as smooth as they should, and take the easy way out: "Block Tuning". Block Tuning creates a more jerky, unsmooth, and more Knock prone end result for your final Tuning results.

I know and understand how important it is for an Electronic Fuel Injected vehicle such as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution to have both Fuel and Timing maps as smooth as humanly possible in order to achieve maximum best drivability. Multiple tests have been performed on my personal modified Evo 8 with E85 2.3L + FP Black. I came to the conclusion that the car drives quite differently when you take the time to smooth both the Fuel and Timing maps on the vehicle, therefore I'll do it by default on all customer cars no matter how much longer it takes out of my day. I am not after your money, I am after making you happy and feeling confident you've chosen the right tuner for the job.

You should expect to receive step by step tutorials and guidelines when being tuned by us. We have designed our entire Remote Tuning System (RTS) based on making it as easy as possible for even the most newest people out there introduced to the automotive performance industry. Our goal was to make remote tuning fun and educational for the customer and we believe we have successfully accomplished this so far. You will receive unlimited Map edits from us, unlimited time to finish your tune, and we will stand by our work! If there's something you want done a month later that is simply an easy touch up we will perform it at no additional charge if no modifications have been further done to the vehicle. Return customers will receive a discount by default. Our mapping will be smoother then any other mapping you've ever seen before, and we guarantee your car will drive and perform the best it possibly can wide open throttle and cruising around town. No corners are cut here, we cover all our bases and the end result is always a happy customer that refers more customers to us! When the customer is happy and the car is performing to theirs and our standards, we are happy as well.

We can tune both Mass airflow sensor (MAF) and Speed Density (SD). Speed density can be tuned with no additional hardware except for an Onmipower 4bar map sensor. You can use your stock Fuel Temp Sensor as your Intake Air Temp (IAT) sensor with no issues at all! We can tune anything from 470cc to 2150cc injectors, 87octane to 110octane to E85 to E100. There isn't any fuel we cant tune. We also tune Methanol injection if preferred by the customer. We have experience with turbos as small as T25's to as big as GT42R's. We have tuned cars that ranged from 200WHP to 900WHP. We can also Tune other Engine Management systems as well if required, such as AEM, Haltech, EcuTek, Hondata, ViPEC, ECMLink, and much more.

The Stock ECU has quite a lot to offer to the right person that has spent the right amount of time researching and understanding about all of its restrictions that must be eliminated in order to get the best performance possible out of it for your vehicle. Bigger injectors require additional fine tweaking to idle properly & drive smooth without breaking up or sputtering due to IPW functionality characteristics that bigger injectors have. To name a few, E85 Requires additional tuning for cold and warm starts, your MAF may require rescaling due to different intake systems, and the list goes on and on. All of this is no problem, We can do it all! High Performance vehicles that want to keep the MAF must be customized with higher LOAD tables and LOAD & FUEL limits must be removed from the ECU in order to extract max power. We also recommend removal of the Karman Vortex MAF Screen in your MAF for maximum airflow and safety to assure you do not suck in the screen and damage your turbocharger.

In short, we have the knowledge to feed your power needs and wants, and will spend as much time as it takes to make you a happy customer. We do many things other competitors cant and don't even know how to do! We have been tuning vehicles since 1998. If you have questions that were not covered in this brief explanation please feel free to contact us.
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