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  Last Updated: March 3rd 2017 16:36

In this page is a list of all popular products sold on a daily basis. Any product found on this page are highly recommended and are very

effective in making your evo perform to the best of its ability.


TSComp Walbro 255lph High Pressure Fuel Pump /w Install kit (DSM / EVO)

Brand: Walbro
Product Code: GSS342
Availability: 2-3 day delivery
Price: $95.00
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This is the famous Walbro 255lph that DSM and EVO enthusiast have been using for many years now. This fuel pump has proven to be a very reliable modification for all fuel types including E85. If you're not looking to go past 600whp on pump gas or 500whp on E85, this is the fuel pump you're looking for.

This Fuel pump has a relief valve in it from the manufacturer. If you need more fuel please push in this relief valve to receive an additional 10-15% more fuel flow. This pump will outflow other competitor 300lph pumps once this modification is performed. We also offer this service for an additional fee.

Here is the data:

GSS342 (walbro 255 hp unmodified)
50psi: 209lph - 8.6 amp
70psi: 177lph - 11.1 amp
100psi: 68lph - 15.1 amp
GSS342 (walbro 255 hp modified pressure relief valve)
50psi: 242lph - 8.1 amp
70psi: 208lph - 10.4 amp
100psi: 153lph - 14.6 amp
For comparison purposes here is a Aeromotive 340lph @ 100psi fuel pressure
Aeromotive Stealth 11142 (340lph rated)
50psi: 284lph - 12.7 amp
70psi: 228lph - 14.3 amp
100psi: 155lph - 16.9 amp

Please see this thread for real world data testing: Forum Link


TSComp Spec Double pumper (Dual Walbro 255)

Brand: TSComptuned / Walbro
Availability: 2-3 day delivery
Starting at: $528.00 Shipped

After many years of selling other Fuel Pump Systems and solutions, We have designed our own system in house.

Having tested Evo's ranging from 300WHP to 1000WHP, We know what works and what doesn't with your vehicle. As most would not believe, A simple double pumper system and larger injectors will take your STOCK fuel system over 800WHP+. Your stock fuel lines can stay the same, And your stock fuel pressure regulator and stock rail are perfectly fine.

Upgrading the fuel rail will however, allow fuel to evenly hit all cylinders better than the stock rail. However, The stock fuel pressure regulator cannot be beat, So don't waste your time messing with aftermarket regulators unless you use a larger rewired fuel pump such as the Walbro 450, which indeed will overrun the stock system and not only requires upgrading fuel lines to work properly, but it also requires an adjustable regulator. Along with cutting out the fuel filter on the housing in order to function to its fullest. Sometimes aftermarket Regulators cause unstable fuel pressure, which then can lead to poor drive ability.

After modifying your system to work efficient with a single 450 pump, You're almost at the same price point as one of our double pumper systems will cost you, and I guarantee your car will run smoother with our setup vs the other methods. We are one of few shops who can still make a 800-900WHP+ Evo run like stock with the Stock ECU or Aftermarket ECU. As long as you follow our guidelines, you will experience a flawless running car.


TSComptuned Dual walbro 255 includes the following:

  • Modified OEM Fuel pump housing
  • Two Modified Walbro 255 Fuel pumps (GSS340) (340lph in flow each) (Or customize differently by request)
  • Two Modified Walbro long sock filters
  • High Quality Gates Barricade Fuel hose all around
  • High Quality Custom 9psi pressure switch /w 12-14 Gauge wire
  • Stainless Y line fitting & Hose from pump housing to inline fuel filter
  • Kinsler High Quality E85 Compatible Inline fuel filter
  • High Quality Fuel hose clamps


Core Fee Notice: There is a $100 Core Fee. If you do not have a core, or do not want to
provide one, simply just choose the option that does not require a core fee.
If you want to send your core at a later date, you can do so. Once we receive
your core, we will refund your core fee in full.

Note: The Fuel Pump Harness is not necessary to add if you already have it. It is simply
a fuel pump harness wire that runs from your housing to the primary fuel pump. It is Black
and blue in color wiring.

Installation: For installation instructions how to install our double pumper or other double pumpers
using the OEM housing, please visit our facebook album here



TSComptuned 4" Speed density Intake pipe + BIG K&N Filter + Coupling


Brand: TSComptuned
Availability: 2-3 day delivery
Price: $215.00
Reducer Coupler:

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This Intake pipe is on multiple vehicles ranging from 300whp to 900whp~. This Intake pipe is also on one of our customers cars that holds the highest Horsepower record for the FP Black Twinscroll Stock Frame turbocharger at 719WHP in hot FL temps. Pictured above is the dyno graph for reference.

Note: Please choose a reducer coupler for your turbo if you do not already have one. It will be 4" x Whatever your turbo size inlet is:

Stock Evo 8/9 Turbo: 2.5"
6266/HTA86: 4"
FP Antisurge cover: 3.25"



Please Note: More products will be constantly added. If you cant find what you're looking for, please email us and ask
for the product here