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 TSCOMPTUNED - Tuning Schedule 
  Last Updated: May 31st, 2016


If you have paid to Tune with us, And do not see your name on the calendar below, Please contact us immediately to schedule a tune date to perform and complete the services paid for. If you're not on the calendar below, you are not officially scheduled!

Note: Due to the high volume of tuning requests at this time, please expect a 7-10 business day delay. Please don't let this effect your decision on having us tune your vehicle! We guarantee satisfaction or your money back! No matter what it takes, We will make you a happy customer.

Below is a Live Calendar of all scheduled events and tunes taking place. If you would like to see our schedule, This calendar will better help assist you with that. Tunes may be scheduled whenever there are blank days for dual maps, and in some circumstances for single maps we will schedule multiple cars. If you would like your base map before your scheduled tune date, We will provide that to you, However payments must be collected before the base map is supplied. All other form of tuning payments will be collected the day before the tune, unless otherwise noted by your tuner.

If you've waited longer then two weeks (10 business days), And do not see yourself on this Calendar, And want to be on this Calendar, Please contact us asap to get scheduled! Please click the "Please contact us" link above.

IMPORTANT NOTICE 10-15-2014: If you are currently in the process of being tuned, and had a delay due to mechanical issues or feel you have waited longer then expected,
contact tom@tscomptuned.net for a resolution asap.

Why do delays occur?
Major delays occur due to mechanical issues outside of the tuners control the majority of the time. Remote/Email based tuning solely relies on the end user to have his or her vehicle in the right condition in order to be tuned properly. Around 20% of customers have mechanical issues and require additional troubleshooting & diagnostic assistance. This service is included when you purchase a tune from us, so feel free to ask for help if help is not given. We also supply every part there is to offer for your car, so if you need parts at a very competitive price, just ask.

NOTE: Remote/Email Tuning business hours are Monday Through Thursday (10am-10pm EST)

Exceptions: Tuning off business days / hours are available for additional cost only. Road tunes are available on Saturday & Sunday and are an additional $75 on top of the websites advertised pricing. Free visual inspections are included with road tunes. Parts installation and other install or repairs are available for an additional fee upon request. Road tunes during week days are also available. We recommend you drop your vehicle off at our shop and allow us to perform boost leak tests, and address any/all mechanical issues the vehicle may have or encountered during your time of ownership before tuning takes place. We are very experienced with mechanical repairs and maintenance, and having a properly running vehicle before tuning will allow us to extract more power out of your vehicle more safely and efficiently.

ATTENTION:  If you have experience with remote/email style tuning and have tethering abilities and can get us logs promptly, you may be eligible to get your tune performed without any waiting period other then the initial scheduling process. Email us at
tom@tscomptuned.net to let us know, and we will schedule with you accordingly.

If you're local, and want to drop your vehicle off at our shop for tuning & maintenance, send us an email at tom@tscomptuned.net for more details and scheduling.

If you do not receive a reply with emailing us, send us a text message at 717 478 8519.
Please send a text before attempting to call this number. The better we can document /
keep track of history, the easier we can remember who you are.


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