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  Last Updated: April 14th, 2017


All testimonials below are untouched and 100% the customers exact words. Testimonials may come from multiple shop names I tune for and are unorganized.



Steven from TX writes (2010 Nissan GT-R FBO 93 & E85)

I have been using Tom from tscomptuned.net for all of my remote tuning since 2012.  At that time, I was experiencing some driveability issues on a customer's Evo after having an "experienced" tuner flash the car.  He was able to quickly figure out the issue and the car drove like it was new again.  I decided to have him tune my built Evo running a 2.3L engine and a 6466 turbo.  Once completed, the car was able to make just shy of 850hp running over 45 psi of boost.  I drove that car for nearly 2 years and approximately 8K miles.  Whenever I had any issues pop up, he was willing to help me diagnose the problem and often made a couple adjustments that usually resulted in the car driving even better.  After I sold that car and purchased a GTR, I immediately called him up.  He was able to source all the parts that I wanted, and was able to get a better price than I was personally able to obtain.  Around that time, he became an Ecutek tuner and sent me everything needed to flash my car.  After a short learning curve, he was able to make the most of my car at a FBO level.  His transmission tune made my car shift smoother and actually made the automatic mode enjoyable around town.  (I never used automatic mode prior to his flash due to it shifting too quickly into 6th)  Every time he figures out a better tuning strategy, he sends me a new flash file, and it usually results in the car driving even better!  Over the years, he has become a personal friend and an excellent resource for mechanical knowledge.  He will continue to be my preferred tuner for customer's cars, and the exclusive tuner for mine.

TSComptuned provided the following:
Gotboost 3" intakes
Full 4" ETS exhaust /w downpipes
FIC 1650cc injectors
Custom tuning for both Transmission & ECU (EcuTek)
Visconti AWD controller

Jeff C. from CT writes (2013 Nissan GT-R FBO 93oct)

I really appreciate! This is AMAZING!! This beast is so good!

TSComptuned provided & Installed the following:
Custom tuning for both Transmission & ECU (EcuTek)
Full transportation Pickup & Delivery via our enclosed trailer
Full detail job - Clay bar, Compound, Polish, Wax, Seal (M105/205)
VRSF 3" intakes
VRSF 4" cast downpipes
Amuse 3.5" full exhaust
ID1000 Injectors
Ported Intake manifold
Ported turbo inlets

Hector from TX writes (2009 Nissan GT-R FBO 93oct)

Thanks Tom once again the time and attention to detail you spent working on my gtr was a awesome experience. You were able to make that extra power I was hoping for happen from the ecutek tune. The countless hours you spent to making sure the car was running at its best was what a real tuner is all about. just off the tune i was able to make the gains I wanted and what a difference it made. I also purchased intakes and filters from tom at a unbeatable price thank you once again to tom and tscompusa for this amazing experience.

TSComptuned provided the following:
Custom tuning for both Transmission & ECU (EcuTek)
Maperformance 3" intake pipes & filters


Mitsubishi Evolution / 4g63 / DSM REVIEWS:

Shred86 writes

i wanted to share my experience with the evo community so here it is. i stumbled on some threads that tom remote tuned so i figured id give him a shot. im very glad i did. this is my 2nd evo and i have delt with a couple of tuners in the past that jerked me around before. this is definitely NOT the case with tom. he took his time with my car and had to make some drastic changes b/c my previous tuner configured my SD wrong. i am extremely happy how it turned out and would highly recommend him to anyone! its great how smooth the car feels now too. car pulls hard till redline and the response is really quick. what a blast to drive on the street. 
now for the mods and graph:

stock block/ head
slowboy hta3076 turbo kit
3" tbe
short route piping with tial vta bov
ets 3.5" fmic
omni 4 bar
walbro 255
fic 1250cc inj
aeromotive fpr + rail
4" sd intake + perrin filter
forge mbc
arp studs
hks 272 /w gsc springs
e85 @ 31-32psi
exedy twin disc with pitch fork stop
tephra v7 speed density


thanks again Tom.

Chabada15 writes

ive been helping the OP and Tom communicate and log since this build started and i gotta say, not only is Tom thorough, but the car just keeps getting faster and pulling harder, he has 100% swung my opinion on E85, and since more pumps are showing up around me and the OP all the time ive decided to go the same route (SD Conversion and E85) come spring, lots of tuners especially in the evo community talk a big game, im a realist...and the butt dyno doesn't lie this car pulls like a freight train and it seems like it never runs out of RPM thing keeps pulling all the way up, and its got a silly flat boost curve its awesome, holds 31lbs all the way to 8k!

I will definitely be contacting tom, his attention to detail and focus on even the small things and all around driveability is exactly the kind of pampering i like for my evo LOL

CJ nice results dude, Tom nice work watched it start to finish, very impressive

Jack writes

Tom @ VR speed factory Review: I just wanted to share my experience with Tom at vr speed factory. This is the my 2nd evo He has tuned. When I brought the car to tom it had alot of tuning issues. Injectors weren't scaled properly, It had false knock every where. Timing map was a mess, You name it had it. But as I knew from previous experiences with Tom, Is that he Is a very dedicated Tuner and will put in the time to get the car running properly and make his customers satisfied. It took us 10-11 hours to get all the issues straightened out. Car is now running properly and making good power. I just wanted to give a big thanks to tom at vr speed for putting time in, on his day off to get my car running right

Josh writes

Vr-speed ftmfw!: Just thought i should write a quick review on my boy Tom at VR-speed. I never thought my car could feel this way on 93 octane, but Tom found a way. We just gone done with the 93 and ecu boost tune and wow! 504hp and 397tq on vdr. He is very thorough and really knows his sh*t! Cant wait to do the e85 tune and some better cams. Anyone thinking of having VR-SPEED tune their car, dont think twice, do it.

Matt writes

Wanted to share my experience with the community on my latest mod.

2006 Evo IX GSR 5 speed

Stock Block / Head (unported)
FP Black w/ 25psi wga
27psi on 93 Oct
Hallman pro
Kelford 272 
ARP head studs
ID1000 Injectors
Sparktech ignition
Walbro 255
Works 65mm tb
AMS intercooler + upper/lower piping
Tial QR bov
Magnus heatshield barrier gasket
Buschur ported intake manifold
Buschur ported exhaust manifold
Buschur o2 housing
Perrin exhaust and downpipe
Tephra v7

Car previously tuned by Derek @ AWD in Coral Springs, FL which yielded 433hp, 348 tq. 

Over the prior months, I picked up ECU Flash, EvoScan and a Tactrix because I was unsatisfied with how the car was running, I wanted to learn more and monitor what was going on inside my Evo. After I purchased the hardware/software combo I found the car was seeing regular and consistent knock of up to 6 counts. My first suggestion for anyone reading this that wants to protect their investment and do any significant modifications to their sports car… is to pick up the equipment and have the knowledge to “see” what is happening, you don’t need to know everything…just get familiar enough to MONITOR the car and its condition! This alone is worth every penny, not to mention its fun.

Tom at VR Speed sent me a PM and offered to help with my tuning needs. The pricing for the tuning service was fantastic…$150 bucks vs. $400 I paid at AWD. After giving it some thought I made payment and he starting working with me promptly. It was great to work with a tuner that is willing to share the knowledge and provide insight into the changes each step of the way. This was a conversion from the AWD tune to TephraV7 and all my questions were answered; he worked late nights and weekends to accommodate my busy schedule, and each time I made a pull, he returned my log with an updated rom and a quick summary of the changes…very helpful when you’re interested in the details. We ran into several bugs that needed working out along the way and he never rushed the job.

I have absolutely no new mods since my last tune. The car now runs better, has zero knock, spools sooner and is making significantly more hp & tq. I was impressed how much smoother my timing & fuel maps are. Below are a couple before/after comparisons and the final results. The car is making great power for my mods/93 pump and is a blast to drive! 

Beissen from VA writes

Tuning via VR Speed/TSCOMPUSA: Well I had a tune done localy and it was just not feeling right. I was throwing codes and the power was sparatic at best but I lost to a bolt on Evo X. I only made 389 and 328 tq on the inital tune. Once I got done with the Remote tuneing from VR Speed I made 442 hp and 423 ft/lbs tq on 93oct running 26 psi with a 27psi spike but holding 26 out through redline. The experiance was that of great quality, I was nervous on Evo Scan and how to use the ecu flash and all this stuff but TSCOMP walked me through it and also remote connected to my Laptop and set everything up at no charge and also got my 4 bar map sensor to read as well. The time taken to get it right was just great we worked together for over 5 hours with Rom after Rom and Tweak after Tweak until it did not give 1 count of knock and held timing where it was needed and made the best power.

xexitenglishx from NJ/NY writes

Retuned Evo IX by Tom at VR-Speed: I was tuned about a year back and was pretty happy with the way my car as driving but lately i was having some drivability issues which let me to find a huge boost leak and some other random issues. I decided to shop around for a retune and I made the right choice.

I have been having some knocking problems for almost a year now and I havent been able to track down what has been causing it. I contacted a few different tuners and while that all had great input I just got a certain feeling about the quality of service from VR-Speed. They were responsive and very helpful.

First they told me what to look for in my engine bay, anything that can cause a knocking sound. I found that my bov was hitting my fan shroud as well as a bolt lodged between my oil pan and transfer case. This alleviated some of the false knock i was getting and we determined the rest of it was from the Kelford 272 cams. In my previous posts I had pictures of my old spark plugs that were shot.. this was most likely due to the excessive fuel as well as the low timing causing some detonation. Before i found my boost leak my stock injectors were running at 120% IDC and flooding the cylinders with gas.

I turned my boost pressure down about 2 or 3 psi while trying to diagnose my issues...The car was running pig rich and only 6* timing at red line due to it knocking.

VR-speed pulled my timing in the mid range, increased it from mid to red line and leveled my AFRs to target 11.5 . We also increased the boost from 24psi to 27psi spike tapering to 20 on a hallman MBC. The V7 BIG fuel and timing maps we remade from scratch and the car drives smoother then ever.

The knock multiplier was modified slightly to take into account the kelford cams and now i get minimal if any knock.

VR-speed was constantly at my service, always available when i had to give them logs, got me an updated tune within a few hours and got the full tune dialed in in under a week but i was stil having a random knocking issue. I kept tell Tom the i was going to get springs and retainers done and i wanted to see if my noisy valvetrain was the issue because of the kelfords but he STILL kept give me different tunes to try. He gave me one final to the did WONDERS to my car. It eliminated about 99% of the knock with the knock sensor still set to factory levels.

The car never drove so smooth, it spools sooner then it ever did and the power hits harder then ever.

All of this was on a stock turbo
FIC 850cc injectors
ETS Black 3in intercool
Stock UICP
Kelford 272 Cams
O2 Dump and full 3in exhaust with a test pipe
Hallman MBC

I went from 300hp and 292tq to 378hp and 366tq all while getting better gas mileage and more comfortable cruising.

After all of this he still answers my questions if i have any..he doesnt leave me high and dry after he does his job..the customer service is GREAT.

Thanks Tom!

Fightex from Canada writes

VR speed tuned HKS 7460GTII 94oct 416/383: the car had been previously tuned but was never tuned to its full potential because the clutch had been slipping during the pulls. also, it had a problem with false knock from the day i bought it, and putting in the QM twin only made matters worse.

what impressed me the most is that Tom @ VR-speed spent 15 revisions fine tuning the knock sensor alone. knowing that i road race the car for various lapping days and time attacks, he made sure i got a 100% safe and reliable tune, so he didn't push it for max numbers. needless to say though, the car rips hard consistently with no knock sums across the board. it spools incredibly fast (300lb/ft by 3,300rpm in 3rd ), hits hard and pulls all the way to the top. keep in mind too, this is at 2,200ft above sealevel and i'm sure that robs a bit of power as well. the outside temp during the runs was around 60 degrees and there was actually a run that made close to 430, not bad for a turbo that spools as fast as the 9 turbo (if not faster) and has noticeably better response 

Eisen7 from Australia writes

Tune by Tom @ VRSF: I recently had my car tuned via email by Tom @ VR Speed Factory and have been completely blown away by the result and level of service provided. Particularly considering the cost - $150 and still same price on their website.

I was learning to self tune my car and made some progress, but in October last year my daughter was born, so I became very time poor  Once I saw the price on the VRSF website, I contacted them and in early November Tom and I started work on the car. After about 3 months with a bit of a break over Xmas, I now have a completely transformed car which has been upgraded to Tephra v7 as well. It's less laggy, has heaps more power/tq, a great boost curve, drives smoother and 0 knock!

Tom explained everything he was doing along the way and made incremental changes to ensure everything was safe and within the limits of my setup. He fitted his work in with my schedule, not to mention I am in Australia and he was available to tune and check logs when I needed him to (I don't think he sleeps!). I just checked and I have nearly 700 emails and about 50 different ROMs that we tried getting the car to where it is now. The attention to detail and value for money is unbelievable.

Just before Xmas we'd pretty much finished the tune and I was very happy with the results, then Tom emailed me a week or so later and said he'd been reviewing my logs again and there was probably more to be had if I wanted. So we had another look in January and took the tune to another level by adding a 3 port added and more tweaks to the tune!

If anyone is considering a flash tune, you can't go wrong with Tom at VRSF 

My results thread is here if you want a look.

Brian from MI writes

No Thread title: I will say Tom has spent alot of time on my car and it isn't 100% done. Being I am an idiot half the time, and he has great patience for people like me, this is what makes him a good tuner. I have had my car retuned 3 times and I haven't been happy with really any of the tunes. Tom has taken the time to make sure the car is the way I want it. Right now we are still workin on the idle and I think we have it licked. So today I am gonna take it for a drive and get the mid all set up and hopefully I can get some more numbers.

Travis from NY writes

No Thread title: Tom is an amazing tuner and he will be the only person in the future that makes major tuning adjustments on this car. Unique tuning experience (remote) and it flat out works! Best customer service I've ever had by far before/during/after the tune.

Mike from NY writes

Yet again Tom does a great job tuning a car...My car is no where near this build but he did the best out of three tuners I have tried.
Good Job Tom keep it up!!




First I would like to let everyone in on the history of my car. I have owned it for three years and it came with some bolt on some good some bad. The first year I owned my car I switched out alot of the bad parts for better ones. The second year I attempted to get the car tuned. I did alot of research on tuning and also on the vendors. I ended up with a vendor out of florida. He tried to tune my car for about a year and kept telling me I need to fix this or buy this blah blah blah.
After a year I was very frustrated and finally just said nevermind I will find someone else. I posted on EvoM about my issues and Tscompusa messaged me and offered to help. He looked at my rom and logs and gave me a few pointers. At this time I was attempting to tune the car myself. Tom helped me with a few issues and then I came to a point og ignition timing and was too nervouse to do it myself. So, I was looking for another tuner again. Tscompusa said he could tune my car for a really decent price and of course after getting burnt once I was iffy about it. Finally I said screw it lets see what he can do and I told him I wanted him to tune my car. Well before we were able to start my IX Turbo died. So I told tscompusa that I will need a little time to get a new turbo. 
Eventually I bought a FP Black and installed it. Right after I finished it a well known tuner from CT was coming to my area to tune a few 
cars. All of my friends talked me into having him tune my car. I rode in a few cars he tuned and they felt pretty good. Well I had him tune my car and no exaggeration my car felt slower than it did with a partial tune with a IX turbo. The day after the tuner finished I went back to him and told him this feels weak I mean really weak. He blamed it on me shifting too slow. I know how to drive. I pulled 12.4 multiple times consistantly out of my stock turbo and injectors. So I told the guy I wanted a partial refund. He pretty much blew me off so I was out $300.00. That same day I contacted tscompusa and I told him my story. That I was screwed again by another tuner and im getting really annoyed. So, tscompusa started on my car that same day. Unfortuantly it started raing so we had to wait a couple days due to traction issues. Finally one night I fixed everything up did a boost leak test and contacted tscompusa and it was around 10-11 pm and he was like alright lets get her done lol. So we tuned until about 3:30 in the morning and made 444whp and 385tq about 80tq 50whp more than that other Shop from CT. So all I can say is that Tom (tscompusa) ahs very good customer service. Has been very patient, knows what the hell he is doing, and makes alot of safe power tuning cars. It took me three years to straiten my car out and over $1500 in tuning. Toms prices are lower than others but the quality of his work is the highest you can get. I would recommend him over anyone I have tried to use and I would like to thank him for helping me out being so patient and the quality work he has done with my car.
I think some of the tuners out there need to learn from Tom if they want to be a succesful bussines.
Thanks alot Tom I look forward to seeing what kind of power we make when I get my built block and a couple other mods.

Johnny from NY writes

well as many of you seen on the forums already tom has done some great work tunning and he did not dissapoint .Tom is easy to get in contact too and walks you through what you need to do. would recommend getting tuned by tom to everyone!

Shiraz writes:

Hey Tom, it is actually idling great. Let continue on. I just wanted to know what you think before I give my opinion.
I just wanna let you know that MY CAR HAS NEVER IDLE SO GOOD! I wanted to wait to see how the idl'ing car would turn out to tell you this but I have to say I'm very glad that I choose you to tune my car. Your probably thinking , what's wrong with me...we haven't even started to drive the car! Not trying to bash on anyone but I've gotten this car tuned 1.5 years ago by (two very popular shops - out of respect both shop and remote tuner is censored by tscomptuned). Both told me that somethng was wrong with my car cause they could never get the idle trims correct and just continued to tune for power. The car never drove goood, made power but didn't feeel great! The car would idle like crap, the trims would be alll over thedamn place. I'm very happy with your service...thanks!!

Chad from Alaska writes


Tim from Madison, WI writes

Hey Tom,
Just wanted to show you this vid of my evo in Z06 rape action ;)
This race was a 45+ MPH roll. I started in 3rd, brake boosting like 10psi.
Thanks again for the awesome tune!

Mike from MI writes (Speed density conversion on evo 8)

Well Tom, I'm impressed. I can honestly say this is the first time... Ever... After driving my car, that I don't have an overwhelming urge to punch a small child in the face. Hahahaha!
It's very smooth, and even more so for being on pump. I'm happy as shit right now.

Alex from VT writes (MAF on evo 8)

Wow....can't really say much more. Car feels extremely powerful.
Torque feels good, top end feels good, drivability is great. Can't really ask for much more.

There's tons of positive feedback for Toms tuning and service so I don't need to say much about it. I would like to point out that we started tuning back in May...I'm busy so I sometimes couldn't get out to log but once a week or even less. Tom spent countless hours on this car and dealt with my slowness in responding. This is by far the best value anyone can get for tuning, you won't get service or more time spent on ur car anywhere else unless u tune yourself.

About the power, yea weather is playing a big part. Car made about 410 back in summer weather before we fine tuned timing and boost up top. It made around 430-440 when temp was 50-60deg. 

This setup made 390/357 dynojet at 28psi with forge mbc as boost control last summer with another tuner. Only mods changed from then was a Spoolinup and grimmspeed added, running 29psi now. When I say boost holds solid...it is solid. Wish I had a map sensor to show, but I was being cheap. 

Not much else to say. I'm very satisfied with power and service Gotta upgrade some more things like clutch and headstuds...I did things a little backwards, but was never really satisfied with that initial tune I got when I switched to the green...had no idea I would end up with this power, I thought I'd pick up like 10 hp with Tom lol. I'll have to load another graph when I can run it in normal weather. Thanks again Tom!

Rob F from PA writes (MAF on evo 9)

Hey Tom,
Flashed the rom and reconfigured evoscan to your spec, let me know what the next step is. Initial thoughts about the base tune is it feel much smoother, mivec intake advance mirrors the jdm evo ix map, idle quality is better. Now I know why everyone come to you :-)

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Chris W from MA writes (MAF on evo 8)

Im extremely happy withg your service. Ill bring my business to you from now on.


Stefano C from santiago, metropolitana Chile writes (MAF on evo 9)

thanks for the excellent service !!


Steven F from monroe, NC writes (MAF on evo 9)

Swapped over to E85 this weekend. The car drives very well compared to my previous tunes.


Will C from San Diego, California writes (MAF on evo 8 )

i am happy with the tune.. best tune.!!!!! thanks Tom
car feels amazing!!


Lopez from El Paso, Texas writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

Hey guys just to let you know I just finish a remote tune with Tom and I have to say the guy is a genius tuning. The car runs so smooth with Speed Density is unbelievable I had no issues whatsoever with Tom the guy knows what he's doing so if you are thinking on getting a tune with him stop thinking and do it trust me you won't regret it!

Update: 5/6/2013:
Hi guys my car got tune by Tom and this guys knows how to tune. I took the car to the track this past Friday and my best time was 11.7@127mph


Naithan from Ohio writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

i recently put ALOT of money into my car and decided to switch to SD. I was impatient and decided to try a different tuner which was one of the biggest mistakes I could have made. Car was very jittery on starts and I had to keep it running on cold starts. I then switched back to Tom and to be honest, it feels like the car is brand new. Idle is beyond perfect, and the driveability is insane. Shifts r smooth, car doesnt dip down in rpm at stop signs/traffic lights. If i had to recommend any tuner in the entire evo community, i really think Tom is one of if not the best tuners out there. O and a side note....Tom can literally get you almost ne part..fast(as long as its not a manufacturers delay) I ordered my mbc from him last week and got it 2 days later..so yea..great parts vendor as well.


Naithan from Ohio writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

Hey guys, this is my car and all I gotta say is WOW! Tom tuned my car last yr and we finished up in Oct with 390/395 on stock 8 turbo and stock cams. The power was amazing and the driveability was absolutely insane. I love every minute of it. Well a couple months after that the "power bug" hit me again and I wanted more. So, I came up with some funds to take the car to another level. I had Tom order everything for me and I even bought a few things off him like he stated above. Hands down, some of the fastest shipping possible. If parts were ordered as late as Wednesday I would get them that Friday. It was great. Well after all my parts were delivered and put onto the car I got impatient with tuning and decide to try someone else who I won't name. Anyways, after about 5 roms from this tuner I knew I had made a big mistake, driveability was terrible, the car was stalling on start ups and almost stalling coming to redlight/stop signs. So I emailed Tom and asked him if he would take me back LOL. Luckily he was able to get me started almost instantly. Within the first 2-3 roms the car idled and drove perfectly. Then we began power pulls. Immediately, the car started to scare the **** outta me. All on stock cams, which I'm absolutely amazed. Also, the e85 around here right now is definetly on winter blend which is stated above. I can only imagine the power my car will make once the double pumper and cams go in. I guess what I'd like people to take from this post is Tom isnt just another remote tuner out there, he's one of if not the best. I know thats saying alot but, with the amount of dyno sheets I've looked at on the forums and everywere else, Tom's are more or less flawless. Plus he won't tell you were done until your car is absolutely perfect, which is a very rare quality in people. More results are to come, once cams get put in, but for now all I can say is thank you Tom.


Mike from NY writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

Tom never siezes to amaze me. My car is now making more HP safely on 93 oct alone than I thought possible. It drives smooth and is very streetable. Starts up cold better than before and is just a good mannered car to drive on the street.......until you put your foot in it. Once you hear the turbo spool it turns into a homicidal maniac looking for any "race" car around to shred up in pieces laughing the whole time lmao. Tom I would like to thank you once again for providing me with the best tuning I have expierenced to date...Yes I have been threw a few tuners, and keep up the amazing tuning. My car is a maniac looking to kill any car that gets in its way, but thats what I wanted ha ha. BTW basket ball shorts rule. lol


Josh from OH writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

This is my car and all I can say is wow. Tom really outdid himself this time. He made sure I was happy and went out of his way to take care of me. Needless to say i was very happy with our results. I have owned this car since new and it has not driven and started this good since stock. SD is amazing with better driving then on the MAF. I mean on the street this thing is scary fast and so smooth. I need to get my trans rebuilt asap as 4th gear isnt happy we me right now so track times should come soon. I just want to thank you once again Tom and it was a pleasure working with you. You have help an evo owner fall back in love with his baby. Lol


Jack from PA writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

Car drives like stock.. Until you floor it and it puts 600cc bikes in their place! Tom dialed the tune in perfect on this one. It's truly a monster on just 93oct on e85 it's going to be crazy!


Dean from SC writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

Man I love it! It drive so smooth! Thanks for doing
This for me today. I don't think someone could slap
The smile off my face.


Ryan K from NE writes (Speed density on evo 8 )

Wow. Is all i have to say at this power level.

When i was at 350 going to 400 with those kelford cams.. It was an awesome jump in power and felt great but it was still lacking what i really wanted. Top end.

To acheive that i got a good deal on this turbo kit and wala.. i got my top end!

It pulls so hard when this thing spools i love it. Tom does a very fantastic job on holding these stock blocks together.. specially stock head studs. Also on another important note, The SD conversion was a breeze and the driveability is so legend... wait for it.. dary! hahah. but seriously the throttle response is nice an crisp, shifting through the gears is effortless without having the car buck or just have a little harsh engagement, and also the taking off from a stoplight is the easiest thing to do now since i have a PUCK clutch, before you had to either blip it quick or slip it wich chattered and bucked really bad.. But now you barely need any throttle and takes off like butter. THANK YOU TOM! (BTW i need to give a few non-believers a ride in it just to show them what Tom can do on SD with stock ECU).

All in all thanks to Tom for giving me the power i wanted. It makes it easy when he can take over your computer and tune the car.. But i still get to do the pulls  which is an awesome experience just because you get to feel the power difference in each pull. 

I've had a real good experience working with Tom over a year or so. Even though you get those bad nights where nothing works quite right, Tom will be patient. haha 

But thanks again tom for supplying parts and great tuning service!

Update: 5/6/2013:
And BTW tom, it saw close to 30+ pulls lastnight considering i graduated from college.. (automotive tech) i had to give some people rides ha. The car took a beating.. just shows how toms tunes are just.. awesome.

i asked tom to try to fit me in before this weekend because of graduation and such.. and HE DID! I honestly really appreciate that!


Jason from NH writes (Speed density on evo 8)

Thank you Tom, great job on this tune. Idles and drives better than it ever did. Customer has had this car tuned many times before with crap results.


Taylor from CO writes (Speed density on evo 9) (588WHP @ 4800ft Elevation)

I want to begin by saying thanks to Tom for putting in work so that I was able to make it to the track last night. That being said, the trip to the track went a little like this. I teched in at about 8:30, got in line and made my first pass ever with this setup at 9:30. I had NEVER launched the car at this power level before but I still managed a 11.3 @ 133 spinning hard through first and second with a 2.0 60'. Next pass was an 11.9 @ 129 because I missed second. The next pass was an 11.4 at 132 and my final pass before the track closed was an 11.1 @ 133, both with 1.9 60'. Traction is a huge issue as I have continental dws tires on factory pressure. I couldn't drop pressure because my gauge ran out of batteries lol. Track prep is awful on Fridays, no traction compound whatsoever. The car spools like a beast! Full boost by 4700 rpm on a turbo this size is no joke especially considering I'm on a non ported head, stock IM and stock TB. I couldn't be any happier with how my car runs and I cannot wait to get some better tires and upgrade my fuel system. More than satisfied with Toms tune and I would recommend him to anybody. Also fwiw, another forum member on here was indeed riding along with me during the VD pulls in case anybody was wondering..


John from NY writes (Speed density on evo 9 (770WHP BR FF)

got my sticker today!! your the man, seriously  i can not say enough good things about you!!!

car drives great its amazing, i actually like driving my car now lol  



Nick from OH writes (AEM EMS Speed density on evo 9) (670WHP FP Black)

I am very happy with my car!! This turbo is amazing spools great and holds the power. We r beating the hell out it that's for sure. At the top of 4th it's holding 37 psi at 9k rpm!

As for the tune its spot on. Tom has done a great job of making power. The car also drives great. Take off is nice and cruising is good. There's no bucking or anything. We will try and add some timing up top but I have to set the timing to make sure it's correct before we do that.

The car rips, I will be goin to the track when I get back to Ohio. I can't wait to see what it will run.


Branden from OH writes (Speed density on evo 8) (600WHP+ Stock block)

Thanks for posting Tom the car drives awesome, couldn't be happier. I'll have a full build page setup this week

Rob from OH writes (Speed density on evo 8)


I can't tell you enough how happy I am with your work, my car makes 500 whp and drives like stock. Thanks again

Sent from my iPhone

Tommy from Canada writes (Speed density on evo 8)

Thanks for posting this Tom! I'm happy with the results so far. I should have known the walbro 255 was going to be the limiting factor. As soon as I figure out what I'm going to do for a fuel pump and replace this stupid mini battery I'm hoping we can hit the goal of 600. Thanks to Tom for being patient and doing a great job

Ronnie from MA writes (Speed density on evo 9) (770WHP+)

This thing will have 9s in it this season. Not bad for my first time out on the setup with e85.

Thanks again Tom for the late night road tune.

Naithan from Ohio writes (Speed density on evo 8) (600WHP+ Stock Block)

I can't say thank you enough to Tom, as he was very patient with my schedule and very quick to respond to all my emails even though the guy is swamped tuning other vehicles. So again, thank you Tom and I can't wait to get the motor built to extract even more power.

Jared from Canada writes (Speed density on evo 8)

hey thanks for posting this Tom! you did a great job and I am super happy with the results and your tune..

Andrew from PA writes (Speed density on evo 8)

First off I'd like to thank Tom for everything he has done with the car and for me. He has gone above and beyond from day one with it! Couldn't be happier honestly. His goal is clearly to serve and that he did. People always say about his attention to detail but this shows it. I literally piled a ton of parts in my car and said have at lol.

JP from California writes (Speed density on evo 8)

Tom, you made it happen again like with many many other builds im so glad i went thru you for the service and killer deals on parts&super fast shipping!! First, i was nervous as hell never logged a car before i was thinking what if i cant do this and that...tom made it simple and easy took over the computer after helping me out on my rookie mistakes i was feeling like a pro all the sudden lol. The car pulls SUPER SUPER HARD all the way to redline!!!tom, really surprised me on numbers&boost level on crappy Cali 91oct. I love the car now its a BEAST and DRIVEABILITY that it never had from day one!!! Cant wait until E85!!! anyone thats looking to get tuned&parts and is stuck from being screwed over by other tuners&shops i wouldnt look any further then Tom. hes the best&knows it all and the best part you learn alot from it while hes making the adjustments. he explains each step that he makes a change on. i read all kinds threads of his service but today i really experienced it with my own self!! i doubt anyone could top his service. Again thank you tom, i owe you one big time.

Brandon from Ohio writes (Speed density on evo 8)

Thanks for posting Tom the car drives awesome, couldn't be happier. I'll have a full build page setup this week

Nik from Colorado writes (Speed density on evo 8)

Tom is awesome, got me in super short notice before the last drag event of the year. The car drives better than ever and is much faster.

Alex from WI writes (Speed density on evo 8)

The first E tuner I had was 4wstuning. At first I thought he was a good tuner. He would do things that I thought were good ideas. I have owned several high HP cars including dsm’s that I used to tune myself so I knew what I am looking for and everything. While tuning my first rebuilt engine that was all fresh the car was up on 30psi on pump gas and he had the timing around 13* or so. Well he was too aggressive and ended up spinning my bearings while trying to increase the power even more. I got the short block covered under warranty and 4wstuning said he was going to retune the car since he never finished tuning it the first time. After completing the rebuild and returning back from basic training I tried contacting him every way possible with no luck. He never got back with me to finish the car so I was completely screwed.


While looking around for a new E tuner I was very hesitant in who I could trust and who was legit.
After much research and feedback I decided to take my chances with TOM. When I first emailed Tom I had a response right back within the hour. He explained the pricing and the need for the full mod list so he knew what the car could take and need. After giving him the full mod list we both agreed that my rods have potential to be a weak point. With this in mind, Tom took extra measures to keep the rods happy and the HP high.


I paid for both pump gas and race gas map with ecuboost, and speed density. On pump gas I wanted the car to make somewhere around 500 safely and he didn’t disappoint. Not only did we make around that, we did so within 4 roms. We spent a lot of time just dialing in the cold start and idle a/f’s to get them perfect. The car fires right up and idles perfect even in 10* weather. Speed density is the way to go even for a daily driver. I no longer have the drivability issues that come with MAF’s. This car drives like stock and even my wife noticed the difference of not having to rev up to take off and no stalling issue coming off the gas to a stop light. Once finished with pump gas we moved on to race gas.


I am running Sunoco supreme 112. With this gas in mind Tom started to do his work. Slowly increasing the boost in one night we went from 500’s to high 600’s which may even be 700 once we do a log with RPM byte 2. The car feels insane. Don’t mind the spool on the turbo. This turbo can hit full boost fast and hard but Tom has full control over the curve to keep the torque down to keep my rods happy. If you’re looking for the best tuner, someone that will take the time and research about your parts, ask any questions that may pertain to your car to allow you to get the best SAFE results then don’t hesitate to go with TSCOMPUSA. He is the best tuner there is with the best rates out there. Don’t waste your money going to a dyno for a dyno tune. Ask anyone that knows, dyno tuning is completely different than street tuning especially when you are getting it dyno tuned in a different elevation level than where you live..

Chris W writes (MAF on evo 9)

This combo 2.4 + HKS lil turbo is amazing for daily terror. In fourth and fifth gear engine sounds so good you wont believe its a 4 cyl. All that low end TQ has no mercy for my 245 michelins, I can do awd burnouts all day. lol.

Thanks Tom for amazing work! This car never run better.

Dean L writes (SD on evo 8)

I just wanted to say "Thank You"! My car drives so good! I don't miss the stock turbo at all! Everyone that rides with me are blow away at how hard it pulls.

Faisal M writes (SD on evo 8 & 9)

Where do I start with this exceptional individual.

I promise you guys, I have seen more help from Tom as an individual than great names in the business.

First of all, Tom has sold me parts that beat all the competitive prices I've seen, from the smallest of parts, such as spark plugs, to the largest, like turbos.

Having said that, I must say that the most important aspect about dealing with Tom is his patience and understanding towards his customers. Even when he's on his vacation, he is still willing to help out and give 110% of his time and skill to make things work and satisfy his customers.

I recently just finished my build here in the Middle East and was looking for a tuner, and after reading many reviews about Tom, I decided that I won't have anyone tune my car other than him.

I had an issue with starting up my car with a speed density setup (JDM Evo 8), even after writing the map he sent me into my ECU, the car wouldn't come to life. Tom offered a remote live tune analysis for only 10 minutes as it was 2:00 AM where he is and the time difference is quite a PITA and he needed to sleep (please keep in mind that this is during his vacation, he could have simply asked me to leave him alone until he officially returns to his business hours). He stayed online with me, explaining everything that needs to be done and correcting all my faults to get my car starting. The stated 10 minutes turned to an hour and a half or so. I cannot explain how much respect I have for this man who is willing to sacrifice his alone time just to get my car running and correcting errors that were from my side, and not his.

Thank you Tom for the great customer service and for giving up your resting time for mistakes from my side.

Jeremy writes (SD on evo 8)

Thanks for the tune. the car feels like a totally different car. drives better than it did when it was stock.

Ozzman writes (SD on evo 8)

Tom, I can't thank you enough for your patience on this project.

JP writes (SD on evo 8)

Definitely a BEAST for daily best part I like about it. It drives like a stock car. if not, probably better. Tom, really knows his stuff. Not bad for a conservative tune until I swap out few things. Thanks again, tom

Todd writes (SD on evo 8)

Thanks tom car runs a million times better

John K writes (SD on evo 8)

Thank you so much for your time tom and appreciate the input.
You truly are the only tuner that cares about your customers after the initial tune.
This puts you in a league of your own...hence the great success you have had in the evo community.

Kenny C writes (SD on JDM evo 8)

Car runs like a dream with SD conversion! :-)

Nathan K writes (MAF on evo 8)

I finally got my car tuned and man does it feel great, tom did a great job and was super professional and had a timely response during the tuning process, Ill definitely be using him for when I get more mods!

Christian from Arkansas writes (MAF on evo 8)

Tom from Tscomp did it again. I will always recommend him to anyone in need of a tune. Took a few months but Tom made sure the car was running the way it should before tuning. The car has 155k miles on it so I wasn't expecting much over 350hp. The car peaks at 30psi and tapers to 24 by redline. Sorry no map sensor to show boost and for some reason the A/F didn't show up. Like the title says the car put out 393whp and 385tq on 93 octane.

Terry F writes (SD on evo 8)

This is my car and let me say first Thank you Tom! I am sure many of you have seen reviews on Toms tunes all over this forum. They are all true. From the start Tom took time to explain to me pros/cons of all the parts I wanted. He made suggestions for parts that I wouldn't of got and I am happy I listened to him. He gave me some awesome deals on parts and quick shipping. The drop shipping was a little slow but most likely due to shipping to my military address overseas. The items Tom shipped where shipped same day though and packaged secure and carefully. I am not good with cars but he explained the tuning process to me and I am happy I got the Speed Density setup. The car is so smooth now that I don't even have to lay any game down to pick up chicks now. The car does it for me Seriously though he is THE BEST E-Tuner and his prices are unbeatable for the service you get. We exchanged around 100 emails (mostly me asking stupid questions) and Tom answered each one. I am happy with the power I made, wanted 400AWHP but fell short but this is also a safe tune. He is also gonna do my E85 tune which will put me over 400AWHP. Amazing Guy/Tuner/Vendor. Can't wait to work with Tom again! Thanks again and anyone looking for a tuner, Tom is your guy!

Jeff A. From California (Stock ECU SD)

Hey tom I can't thank u enough for this wonderful tune the car drives amazing I never had the car drive this great. And the way the car can launch!! Thanks for ur awesome tune and ur support man

Tommy K. From Canada (Stock ECU SD)

I can't thank Tom enough for staying up past 5am to finish up my tune! The sun was coming up on my way home lol... Anyways This is the third TSCOMP tune this car has seen. The first being on stock turbo from previous owner. I then did a twin scroll 6266 setup on pump gas which was a lot of fun. You can see more about that here: Built 2.0L ETS t4 twinscroll 6266 S2 cams Skunk2 94oct After deciding I wanted MORE I made the jump to E85. At the same I decided to go with the 6466 after seeing so many great results. I contacted none other than TSComp for another tune and the results speak for themselves. The car is an absolute animal on the street. I'm sure Tom could have squeezed more power out of it, but we both felt that this was a good number for a primarily street driven car. We did countless logs throughout the night and the car just felt better and better. At one point I thought we must be done but Tom demanded a couple more logs to make some small adjustments and make sure the tune was absolutely perfect! I will put the car on a dynojet as soon as possible to see what it makes and maybe even hit the track this friday if weather permits! Thanks again Tom for the beastly tune and staying up so late to accommodate my schedule!

Erduin From FL (Stock ECU SD)

Thanks tom ... You really took good care of me during tuning at all time ... Good stuff keep it up .. Will keep doing business with you in the future ..

Eric C From NJ (Stock ECU SD)

I'm the owner of this car and I gotta say, Tom's SD tune is night and day difference compared to previous ***y's SD tune! 

I now can drive right off from a cold start, before I had to warm up 10 min just to take off, taking off from a red light/stop is now better, and most important on a road course, part/steady throttle is as smooth as stock I couldnt believe it. Before it would buck, hesitate, surge, knock, or whatever it was doing, it just wasn't smooth at all. I hated it cost me laptimes.

I wasn't looking for the highest HP as I don't drag race, just wanted something fun on the street and good for the road course, smoother drivability, quick spool up with a big turbo, and more top end compared to the stock IX turbo and I achieved it going with TScomp. 

Thank you Tom

Alex From TN (Stock ECU Speed density Evo IX)

Huge props to Tom for his outstanding work! I knew he had an incredible reputation, but I was only expecting around 360 hp at most. He delivered everything I asked for. I wanted a safe, reliable tune for my aging stock motor that still kicked some ass. Temps were in the low 60's for the majority of these pulls. My only complaint is that now I need a new boost gauge because mine is maxed out


Matt (11.84 @ 115.5) (Stock turbo/block/cams E85 / Stock ECU SD Evo IX)

I have people ask me who tuned my car and they are impressed. Thanks a lot Tom for everything I've only had my evo for 5 months and it's changed a lot.


David's 2014 Evo X

That first map I don't know what the hell you did but the drivability was 100 times better than it ever has been, the smoothness between shifts is remarkable. Awesome job!!!


Dustin's 2011 Evo X

This is my car and what a night and day difference it is to drive this thing compared to when it was stock. Even with a the incredible hulk sitting in the passenger seat the car is still animal in the first 3 gears. I am pleasantly surprised how well it drives with the bigger injectors at partial throttle under normal daily driving conditions. Car pulls strong all the way to redline, it never feels like it runs out of steam up top like a lot of stock turbo cars do. I am more than impressed with Toms work so far. These tunes are really safe fuel and timing wise so the fact he is able to extract the power he does just goes to show that he is a true professional and knows the evo platforms inside and out. I know he can massage the tune a little and extract a few more ponies to hit our 360hp target on 93oct. Next is e85 and I cant wait to see the grin on my face after that tune is done because I cant stop smiling as it is

Thanks again Tom

Side Note: I want to give a huge shout out to to Tom again for the tuning effort he has done on my Friend Josh Pepoon's yellow evo VIII. Josh ran 9.7et @ 147mph last night and finished second in the Import King of the Street class at Thursday Night Lights which was held at Edge Water Motorsports Park last night. He drove his @$$ off to make it to the finals but came up short against a big turbo auto 2g dsm.


Chris from MD Evo IX

Lol, holy crap. I texted my friend and told him I'm officially scared of my car. I'll check out the forums, this pulls hard. Feels like another couple pulls I'll be replacing my brand new tires, I love it. !


Corey K Evo IX

Thanks again for the tune it runs amazing and power feels great even in higher gears whereas with the previous tune it felt very dull.


The car feels really good and the overall driveability and power is way way better than the previous tune. I really appreciate it.


Wing Ki from Hong Kong

Hi Tom, Your Base tune is AMAZING! I am free tomorrow, please send me the Evoscan definition for and let me know what age how to log :) Can't wait to see what the final tune is like! Sent from my iPhone


Kevin Miller writes

Hi tom, thank you for the first flash the cars drivability is better than it has ever been. When are you available again? Thank you Sent from my iPhone


JayTee writes

Thanks for the quick Base map. I went ahead and flashed it on the car and agree it already feels smoother, especially at part throttle and on release (actually feels better than when i first bought the car).


*** Motorsports writes

I just get the car to the street with the #10 tune and is amazing, your are the man bro, lol…. I feel the evo like stock… I want our evo like this… is smooth, the drivability is perfect, we going to use the car on the street to put some miles on it since the engine is new.


John writes (Road tune)

Tom I just got home about 10 minutes ago, it was a long ride but worth it!! Thanks for posting the results and for the awesome tune. (Traveled from CT to PA)


Frank writes (Specific content censored to keep names / locations out of the review in respect for others involved)

Tom Like I told u before Tom I have u tuning my car bcuz I really think your the best out there. I had my car tuned at B******P********* which I'm sure u heard of. (Worlds fastest *******) I wasn't happy with drivability and cold start on e85 sucked even in 50 degree weather. When Jo** told me his has started first crank on e85 2150cc kelford 280 etc I didn't believe it till I saw it and his car drove perfect. (Right hand drive evo 5 from ****** u tuned a while back) once I witnessed that I was all about having "tscompusa" tune my car and always told everyone and anyone about how well ur tune was on my buddy's drag set up car. Anyone that asked I always recommended u.


Sam writes

Thanks for the tune Tom! The evo runs like a beast all the way to redline. The numbers we got are exactly what I was hoping for, especially for the stock block. Happy to have the car done before the NWN Motorsports (https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwnightsmotorsports/) event in Spokane, WA at the end of the month. Image: http://cimg4.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.evolutionm.net-vbulletin/1277x718/80-evo_55c1943f65c7c105ae98e6703cd64127b6585656.jpg


JP writes (Personal Review on me as a tuner and person in general)

Tom is a humble guy straight up and forward. He doesn't take anyone money's I know for a damn FACT! When we got done tuning my evo 8...2.0lr,6466,2150cc, SD, etc. It Made 818whp it drove like a stock car. I was shocked how the car even drove and when it was WOT it was a true animal. I was so excited for the decent tune/tom stayed up until 5AM easter time just to insure everything was 100%. I OFFERED him a $100 TIP for a great job, kickass tune and his customer service. Tom never took the tip!!! That's when i knew hands down he was a really cool person because knowing other tuners, shops anybody would've taken that tip, with No questions asked. Me, myself and I could set a good example for all toms work he performs remote/Etunes. My car never had a issue from his tune and not to mention made 523whp at 32psi on ****ty California 91OCT!! 800+ on e85 that's with running out of fuel!! Tom is really patient because I wanted to change the setup to a ff kit, bigger fuel system, etc so while switching to ff kit which a local welder mocked up for me we had issues with figment and tom was patient all that time even when he had me all scheduled to get it dialed in and I had to cancel since it had 02 housing hitting the block wasn't safe to tune. He never got upset and gave me all the time I needed.. Not to mention he helped me out many many times on any tech question I would ever have. He's the only person I trust tuning my car that's hands down I don't care what anyone says. My buddy Jeff and Alex tuned with him after they rode in my car. They were shocked how the car Performed making high numbers and still drove like stock. They're cars are running 100% better then before. I seen the results before and after with both tunes/both cars. Since I'm finish with my new setup. I'll sure to share my results. When I get a chance to get it dialed in, on my day off since I'm always busy af due to a crazy work schedule!.


Ryan writes (Personal Review on me as a tuner and person in general)

First off i would like to thank Tom AGAIN for all he has done for me, my buddy, and our customer Evos. For a little recap, he tuned my Evo first back about 3 years ago to around 400whp. i drove on that (which is probably the smoothest the car ever ran on a tune) for a long time until i bought a turbo kit and installed it and made 551whp/407wtq on a stock block/trans/tc. ran that HARD for about a year and a little over 17k miles (100k total miles) as it was my daily driver. It also trapped 132. Now i have a built engine from him with a 6466 and just finishing up little things to get tuned from him again. I do not EVER regret doing work with Tom. Even though it may take some time to get things all 100% because he is super picky, its all worth it in the end. And most Evo enthusiast should have that mindset.. Be super picky. Evos need attention to get 100%. I can't imagine with how many Evos Tom has tuned, of how many mechanical issues he has to go through. Before me and my buddy get a car ready to tune from Tom, we have a step by step process that is time consuming and takes tools which most people probably wouldn't go through. That is why in our area, we take peoples Evos to our shop to get ready for tuning. Im sure he appreciates that. But even so you will run into little other things that may prevent from finishing the tune within the same day. Within those issues, we would for sure like to blame the tune. Because that is the easiest thing to do . Most people who blame the tuner usually don't understand completely how things work. If something was wrong in the tune, then the tune would be wrong with the other 1000+ Evos he has tuned. Which doesn't really make sense. Typically it is something with the car. now with that said, GET YOUR CAR READY TO TUNE WHEN YOU ARE SCHEDULED. that means a boost leak test, every bolt tight, no rattles for false knock, no leaks etc. its up to YOU to get it ready for a smooth tuning day. I've seen it multiple times that people take their car to a dyno with it barely running and leaks all over the place and they want it tuned. they spend 90% of the time fixing stuff that could have been fixed at home. And then the customer complains about not getting it tuned/ or blame it on the tune if something doesn't work right. They expect the tune to fix all their issues.. . No. it doesn't work like that. Everything needs to work before you even think about a tune. (for the most part). Anyways i just wanted to comment because Tom doesn't deserve to be bashed. he does his best. all i need to say is, Email him, get a date set to tune and go from there. you won't be disappointed. and for Heavens sake get your car close to 100% before contacting him.


Anindo writes (Personal Review on me as a tuner and person in general)

I have had experience with 3 different tuners, Innovative motorworks(on my k20 civic), Iveyt*** and Tom. Tom was my first remote tune experience. my two dyno tunes with innovative and ive*, they both had maybe 4 to 5 pulls on the dyno and that was it, yes the car made good numbers but everything else sucked. Innovative did follow through with maybe one or two revisions. After ive* tuned my evo it was running like crap(stalling, no ac, drive ability sucked), I took it back to him and he blamed it on a bad fuel pump, and after the fuel pump and still having issues Ivey suggest to retune on SD! So basically all the money i spent on his MAF tuning was useless and waste of $.So i had enough of it and thats when i researched on the forums and came across tscomp.After talking to him, we set out to fix a couple things and tom did his SD tune and the car ran so much better.It was smooth and made great power. Tom has sent me over 10 maps, he is by far the most experienced tuner i have dealt with. He follows through with his tunes until they are 100%. He actually made my evo run so good evo though I was having massive blowby, which was why my MAF tune with Ivey sucked ( the whole maf was full of oil and getting over everything. He's a busy man so that's why there may be a wait but when hes done with his tune, the car will have ZERO issues. I'm confident to say that Tom knows the evo platform better than anyone else. Matter fact, I will be soon getting my motor built by him. I have and will be recommending him to anyone who would require tuning/builds.


Adel writes (Personal Review on me as a tuner and person in general)

I have tuned my Evo 9 and my Evo X with Tom. My evo 9 was tuned in 6 hours because we didn't have any issues. Although my X, it has been nearly 8 months now I had to swap the turbo FOUR times due to it failing within 3 pulls each time. Not once did Tom ask me to pay anything extra. Now I got a turbo on the way and I can't wait to finish the car. Thanks for your patience Tom and your great tunes


AJ writes (Personal Review on me as a tuner and person in general)

I'd recommend Tom to tune anyone. He has been tuning my car for years now on 3 different turbos and I have not had any problems at all! I really hope he stays in our community because I have no interest in dealing with anyone else. You can view my threads, my car runs like a dream and I'm all the way in the Cayman Islands! We hardly have great mechanics here much less tuners so everyone on island is always impressed with my car after I get it tuned by Tom. I've also ordered lots of parts from him and have had no issues on that end either. Right now I'm almost finished doing a great 2.3L build to go along with my FP Red that he tuned last year so will have more research results to share soon!


Ron writes

Tom tscomptuned literally just spent like 3+ hours with me fine tuning the evo 9 and its almost midnight on a FRIDAY! Have your sh*t together and don't have any second guesses about working with Tom. You will have great results, just like I did.


Terry writes (Personal Review on me as a tuner and person in general)

I've dealt with a lot of tuners via email, Majority are pretty ****ty. Tom (TSCOMP) does AMAZING work. The minute I loaded my base map I was like "oh wow" idle was smooth, cruise was smooth. This is SD too. We then started WOT and he spent few hours and he dialed everything in. He asks questions to get a feel of what's going on. I was really really happy. Obviously if there are mechanical issues, tuner can't expect to make magic. You guys need to understand that literally he's one guy and if he's helping one person fixing issue, back logs **** and let's face it, in the car community people want **** now or they dunno wtf is going on. So I personally do empathize his situation. He does his best and he also builds motors, etc. In conclusion, he's worth the wait, have a bit of patience with him, you will be satisfied in the end


Brett writes (Personal Review on me as a tuner and person in general)

I don't even know where to begin but want to keep this short, I said try. I've been "around the block" with tuners since 2003 when I bought my car. My car was part of many tests for parts you use today and in the process was tuned by many tuners many which are no longer in the business. It makes me sick when I say I'm on my 4th Engine rebuild, each one tuner/builder failure but they gave me some BIG numbers, and drove like crap. I always through well its modified that's the name of the game, WRONG. Tom on the other hand is a genius, there is no other way to put it. My last tuner who is a very reputable tuner since 2008... its very hard for me to change tuners. This previous tuner was great in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, however he stopped doing much of the work and had his guys doing the work, seemed like he was focused on volume. He also just gave me clone upgrade recommendations which were great in 2008, and fixed many issues from previous builders. More recent times this tuner's focus and business model changed so I decided to leave after I started running into issues. I was furious, days off wasted which I don't have as a very busy professional, and days with the wife wasted with numberous attempts for him to correct his tune. So I took a leap, actually this tuner said give him a try! So I decided to give Tom a try after seeing many posts on SD, and drivability videos. My previous tuner blamed the ported intake manifold, TB, SD, basically blamed me (claimed it was a bad idea). Car was stalling trying to cross the street, it was unbelievable, $800+. So I contacted Tom told him about my issue and although busy he fit me in. Let me tell you the first flash he sent me solved the "crossing the road issue." Then 15 flashes, and 4-5hr later the difference was unbelievable. It;s like breaking up with an ex and looking back and saying why was I with that nut?!!?!? I even had Evo friends telling me the same stories and no no this "gilfriend" was great. After he showed me the tune (from the previous tuner) and the knock settings it was unbelievable, the high,mid,low knock settings were turned off, very high settings! From showing other evo friends and tuners they were shocked on the aggressiveness of the tune I had previously. They all said it looks like the previous tuner was trying to blow up your engine, it was absolutely insane. I'm sure I'll cover this in another thread of my own down the road. Tom after the 3rd pull told me something is wrong! He tuned around it in the mean time but we could not get the boost under control, would set it at 32 some times would hold to redline other times would only hold 25, 28... it was all over. SO after 5 hours and all those flashes Tom said there has to be a leak. I did a boost leak test identified MANY boost leaks, how the previous tuner did not find these (a day earlier, and re-tuning it for a week) is beside me. Another round of flashes a few days later it was better, well almost... Still was all over but not as bad clearly a problem Tom said. So I put the car away that night planning to do a compression test the following day. I started my car in the morning and the timing belt snapped and now I was in a real mess. Again I'll cover this in another thread in the near future. I contacted Tom and he said I knew something was wrong. He said don't worry I'm busy but I'll fit you in, if you want me to rebuild your engine. A few weeks later shipped him my car and in between his current builds fit me in ripped the engine out and found all sorts of issues, amateur mistakes, and band-aids all over... made me sick... the mistakes and issues went on and on. So back to keeping it short, Tom is world class, I'd put him up against any tuner any day, not only for power but drivability that I haven't seen since it was stock in 2003. He always answers me back when I message him, his schedule is insane and works crazy hours but keeps me updated with Pictures all the time. He is all about "quality" not volume. He personally spends many many hours making sure its right to your liking not just his. Does it take more time yes, but I've learned a great deal, and he taught me a long along the way. Everyone says their tuner is awesome, but they say that about their girlfriend, and well Hitler at one point in time, but a lot of them are lying not only to you but themselves. So rather then me say the same, play the field, I know who you'll settle with because the results and drivability speak for themselves. Take any tune then get one from Tom you'll see! If anyone wants details feel free to PM me, don't listen to this propaganda, and lies of people trying to take Tom down for what ever reason is beside me.


Tim writes

I had an awesome experience Saturday while getting road tuned by Tom! If I still lived in Lancaster I'd definitely be creeping around the shop all the time! Good, professional group of true car enthusiasts. The tuning went without a hitch and I gained a solid 70 whp and at least 70 wtq over my last Dynapac tune and my figures were DynoJET. The car drives great. Who would've known with larger cams, turbo and throttle body, the car would drive better and with solid highway economy. I hit nearly 250 miles on that tank of gas including all the idling, starting, stopping and pulls! The power band is beautiful and I have no need to use more than 6500 to 7000 rpm at wot on upshifts even with S2 cams. It idles well, is easy to pull out from a standstill and even seems to shift more cleanly! I'm super happy with the results, professionalism, knowledge and tuning process and would highly recommend Tom's services to anyone looking for remote or in-person tuNing with Tom. Oh yeah, his Evo is wicked fast. Thanks again Tom! Hopefully we'll get together again for some E85 and speed density conversion in the near future.


Tyler writes

Awesome thanks! The car runs great I love it


Morgan writes

Car feels awesome. Not only does the car pull amazingly, but it takes off really nice and drives really smooth. Thanks again Tom!! Im looking forward to some track ET's / Trap Speeds once i get a new clutch and an Evo 8 3rd-4th gear.


Derek writes

hey tom, thanks for the dyno sheet and getting the tune done. you did a great job, the car feels good and is insanely streetable.


Steve writes

The car feels great! It's awesome to finally see it running correctly and to actually be able to put down some power. I really didn't expect to see over 380awhp out of this turbo, I was honestly surprised at how hard Tom got the car to pull and don't think it could've been done better by anyone else.


Kevin writes

Huge thanks to Tom/TScompusa first of all for tuning with me the other day. It was a pleasure to be able to finally tune with you. As most of you on here are aware Tom is a very reputable Tuner therefore a very busy man that has a huge work load. Communication was sometimes difficult because I had a lot of questions for Tom and he was very busy. After waiting over 4 weeks I finally had my car tuned as we had to reschedule because of the shootout. This was the first time I have tuned with Tscomp and the end result I am a very happy customer and very impressed with the results. Tom spent a total of 10 hours tuning this map, while most of you normal people was sleeping we worked on it until 7am in the morning. I cant wait to have my low boost map tuned next month which will be a track circuit dedicated map that will be reliable all day every day on the stock block. The end result we gained approximately 25-30hp from my existing tune. The gain may not be huge but I had made no changes to my set up and all gains were from the tune itself. which in my books is very impressive considering I thought the car went well as it was. However I am very amazed the car pulls like it gained much more then just 25-30hp! Horsepower gains are great but that was not the whole point of this tune, Tom also managed to increase the spool and ram up the boost to 32psi at the top end while correcting the AFR's to 11.5:1 and smooth out the torque to ensure the rods would be safe. when you weigh up the cost of the tune vs the gains made, in my opinion it was well worth it. Not only is the car now faster but it is also safer and driving as it should. Which gives me the owner a great piece of mind. I have some big plans coming up for the car. I will definitely be turning to Tscomp for tuning. I highly recommend Tscomp for tuning for those people who want the absolute best for there Evo and are prepared to work with his schedule.


Jason C. writes

Thanks. The car feels better than it ever has the the driveability is better than stock.


Dana T. writes

Holy ****! I just drove to gas station to fill up. I have never driven my car this smooth before. It was ******* money with partial throttle ****. Unreal man.


Brett writes

I'll post more at a later date with some updated pictures with new interior goodies that have been waiting to go in but here is my first impression. First I have to say Tom is an amazing guy and I wanted everything done right sparing no expense if it was needed. He went through the engine with a fine tooth comb and anything that was off/worn/done incorrectly it was replaced. I couldn't believe the errors, and done half @ss jobs from previous tuners/builders dating back to 2004. This is actually the 3rd rebuild that I've done since I had the car so I can say I've been around the block since I bought it from the show room, yes original owner and was my DD up until last year. The biggest thing is getting used to the 4.11 and the big turbo 6266. I've previously had a FP Green (380WHP), FP Red (560WHP), and now 6266 (600-800+) so a pretty drastic difference. Power reminds me of a two stroke and power comes on amazingly smooth, even at 1/2 throttle super smooth! The Stock frame turbos seemed to always surge on with power then slowly fall off. I had no idea what to expect when I did my 1st 3rd gear pull @E20 and was so shocked how smooth the power was I decided to swing by the E85 station and bring it up to E50. It was pretty awesome sitting at the E85 pump watching the alcohol content increase, and more fun when I got behind the wheel and pulled on to the highway I can immediately tell a difference. I was amazed as I did some 4th gear pulls how fast I was coming up on 5th gear. This is when I realized this car is crazy fast, and this is also when I realized this not insanity mode at E85. I haven't had an adrenaline rush like this since I first went outside the wire in Iraq. This car is an absolute Fire Breathing Dragon and she has a lot more left in her! So 4.11... 5th is purely for cruising, if you want to speed up more then 5mph, or go up a steep hill you have to downshift. At 80MPH RPM's are at 3200ish, I often found myself doing 90ish since I'm used to what 80 sounds like. Gears feel much longer, my first 3rd gear pull I kept wanting to shift way before I had to. I've done about 70 miles since I got the car back mainly DD type driving with a few insanity moments just takes getting used to. The 3rd time I drove it I can already tell I'm starting to enjoy it more and more as I understand its new nature. Since we went to 4.11 after the car was ready to get picked up, we still have to refine the E85 tune when the weather gets warmer and I have my big boy pants on. I'm surprised how smooth the car is just driving around town even when the RPM's are at 2k or below that. I've never felt the ease of how the clutch engages with out having to rev it up a bit. I want to say its better then when it was completely stock! Its like Tom just doesn't tune it with WOT he tunes the drive ability as well. I use my garage to work out and pull the evo out every morning and I am shocked how well cold starts are, and how it's ready to drive cold with out hesitation/bucking/stalling. The paint looks amazing! In the past when I got my car back I had to spend hours detailing it. Tom treated my car like his own, and he is as OCD as I am. The paint Feels like waxed glass and the decade + of DD has vanished. I have to say I always garaged my car so its in excellent shape. If it wasn't for the NJ Winter's it would look as good as it did out of the factory. This should hold everyone for now... soon as I get some warmer days where I can get to know her better and beat on it a bit I'll add some more updates. Until the warmer day's I'll be posting more goodies that are now in and are going in. Feel free to follow me on Instagram: WINTERRANGER


Jasdeep writes


schuhie (FiTronic FlexFuel and TSCompUSA Review)

I will start with the review of the tune and service that I got from Tom. My mods are Cosworth M2s, RRE Stealth TBE, SD, FIC1120s, Walbro 255 punched, gm bcs, a JB FP Green 73HTA in a MHI hotside and a FiTronic FlexFuel setup. For my car we did both an E85 and a 91 map and I am very pleased with the results. Tom went into the tune and helped me troubleshoot why the car wasn't firing up initally and then got it to make solid, safe power on both fuels. He can be a little hard to get a hold of sometimes but that is due to an extremely demanding workload for one person. Again, his tunes are top notch and on either fuel it drives amazing and makes safe knock-free power. Now for the FlexFuel setup. When I contacted Tom wanting a tune I was looking at a map switching setup with an E85 and a 91 map. He asked what I planned to do with the car and when I told him mostly street driving he suggested that I think about this new setup. I was a little skeptical at first but after seeing a couple other cars running it at much higher numbers than I planned to make I decided it was probably worth the money and went with it. After having it in the car for 2+ months all I can say is that I am extremely impressed by this system. The install was very straight forward and on top of that it works amazing. The system adjusts for the fuel that is currently in the car so well that if the car is idling while filling up you can't even hear an hiccup of any sort. I recently took this car on a 700 mile road trip with some other evos and they were all worried about finding E85 while I simply filled up with whatever was at the pump and let the system adjust. I have had it mixed from 10% all the way up to 80% ethanol and haven't hit a spot where the system does something wrong. If you are looking at dual maps but want something more convenient this is the setup you want. I have been and will continue to suggest it to any evo owner that asks me if I like it. If anyone has any more questions let me know and thanks again Tom for the awesome service and suggesting this awesome setup.


Anindo writes (Full TSComptuned Long block Build Review)

I must say I'm so happy with the motor. The other night when it was in the teens, car started right up and motor sounded like as it like hot outside. No piston slap what so ever. Overall I'm enjoying the car so much now!

Thanks Tom, overall i'm extremely happy the way the car drives. Driving it home today I had a huge smile the whole time lol. Its a night and day difference after the boost leak test and locking the tune in. At this power level i feel its perfect for a street setup. I'm interested in the fitronics in the future though. I can't say enough how happy i been with this motor build. Its so quiet for a built motor. No catch cans. Most people get so surprised when they find out its a built 2.3L. This speed density tune is amazing. It drives effortlessly and the powerband is amazing. Tom and the crew at TSComp really put their heart into everything they work on!


Steve Rider Writes (3G Eclipse /w Evo conversion)

I just want to tell you your skills and knowledge of these cars is nuts the 2g runs like sh*t compared to what you did on this 3g eclipse.


Doug T writes

Your customer service is top notch, I have been in the car scene (especially dsm) since 1996 and you have been the most communicative and helpful person I have come across in a very long time.


Gary A writes

Tom the car is running fantastic! Thank you for your patients.



I couldn't be happier. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Tom is amazing as most of you know. I highly recommend him! Thanks so much for my awesome tune!


Brad G from PA

I saw this car when i was down there last week, clean car and everyone there is awesome and very friendly, overall awesome experience I wouldn't get tuned by anyone else.



I can't say enough about Tom's customer service and patience. We ran into fueling issues on initial tuning session which was fixed only to discover that the manifold needed a second WG to keep the boost in check and then a failed 3 port solenoid led us to just stick an old fashioned MBC to get this tuned today. Street tuning preferred but weather wasn't cooperating so Command Performance hooked me up with the dyno for the day so Tom could work his magic and magic he did. Car feels amazing on the street.

Thanks again,




Thanks Tom. After going over some minor issue's with the help of very quick shipping and competitive pricing on parts, the car runs very smooth now. Yes we are going through some serious heat here in the bay area. Tom was able to change the tune to where it needs to be with 1 rom. That shows how much knowledge Tom has tuning these cars. Cant wait to finish the 91oct and do the blends. Hopefully the stock block will hold until i do the short block. The Flexfuel was very easy and clean install. Only having 1 e85 station in San Francisco this was a must for me.



OMG! Your tunes are awesome!!! After changing out the MAP sensor. It drives sooooo much smoother. Can't wait for break in then to tune this Evo!











More to follow shortly.