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  Last Updated: August 16th, 2017


All orders ship with Delivery Confirmation. Upon ordering, you will receive an automated email notification from Paypal which includes tracking details of your current order placed at the time. Please save your confirmation email in a safe place for later use until you're fully satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions at all regarding our products or services, please contact us directly at sales@tscomptuned.net All orders placed before 11:00PM Eastern Time will be processed and shipped the following day.

Note: Our online / internet / remote / email tuning services have changed quite drastically since we have been offering these services over the past 8 years. Our goal for every individual vehicle is to have it finished the same day we begin. We no longer accept cars that cannot take time out of their day and spend 4-5 hours or however long your tune session may take. Roughly speaking, the average time for an email/remote/internet style tune from us is around 2-4 hours depending on single map, dual map, and so forth.

We recommend you take the day off work, and dedicate the entire day with us so we can affectively complete your car and give you the best tune physically possible. We do however understand things may occur outside of the customers control with their vehicle during the session, and because of this, we offer the ability to postpone the tune and pay an additional $100 for every additional day after the main scheduled day of the tune. So if you're tuning, and you have to stop in the middle of the session, or just have to be somewhere, we give you the option to post pone / freeze the session and re-schedule another day for only an additional $100 extra.

We have learned that doing the vehicles on dynos is the quickest way to get the tune done remote/email/internet based if the customer is located in a large city with heavy traffic volume & has problems accessing internet or doesn't have the ability to get us logs back promptly.

For those that can safely perform the tune on the street (most of our customers prefer the street) then the street is great. All we ask is, you have the ability to tether / hot spot your phone mobile to your laptop so we can get the logs in a timely manor to complete your tuning session.

VERY IMPORTANT:  When tuning with us remote/internet/email based, we ask you have some basic knowledge. For those that have basic knowledge, but would like extra assistance via Remote desktop type applications from us, we offer an extra service like this to our customers for an additional $75 on top of the regular tuning price. We have found this option is popular with customers, especially those who have no prior experience with evoscan or ecuflash or just want the reassurance a professional is handling everything for them and they can be worry free on the software end of things.

We are also very skilled with computers in general, and networking. If you have a slow computer, or need something fixed outside of tuning feel free to ask. We have fixed/repaired around 600 computers since 2003.


Quick basic run down from above:

1. If you would like additional remote assistance and support there is a $75 additional fee.
2. If you would like to freeze or postpone an existing tune session there is an additional $100 fee.
3. If you tune with us remotely/email/internet based, we request you have a hot spot or tether app.

If you have any other questions that were not covered here please email us at tom@tscomptuned.net Please give us 48 hours to reply back. If we do not reply back try our facebook page at


No full refunds are given after any kind of alteration of data in the Rom Image / Calibration once it has been provided. Partial refunds are however eligible under certain circumstances.

Extended aftercare support is also available for an additional fee. If you're someone who swaps out parts often, this is a perfect option for you to save some money with us.
For more information on this, please email us at



Our speed density tuning delivers nothing but the best experience out of your stock ecu. You will not experience any kind of hesitation or jitter, or non smooth operation with our speed density tuning. Does your current speed density tune jitter or break up when trying to take off? This is something that we can and do correct everyday. Our techniques enable us to not only eliminate the jitter or hesitation and bogging on take off, but we also allow the ability for your cold car to take off with no issues in the morning. If you use your vehicle for work, or daily commute, then you will appreciate this type of tuning that will allow you to practically drive right off without having to wait for your vehicle to get to operating temperature in order to be drivable.


Spool your turbo faster then the traditional MAF with a 4" SD intake.
Ability to make up to 50WHP+ more depending on boost & size of turbo application.
Smoother on and off throttle, and part throttle operation. More crisp throttle response.
Ability to run vented to atmosphere catch cans & bovs, such as the tial Q.
The ability to still operate when boost leaks occur in the system.



Lancer Evolution Custom Remote Tune (All Evos 1-X)

Choose your Configuration Below

Add Remote Desktop Assistance for $75
Please contact us at sales@tscomptuned.net or FaceBook to order a tune.
(We no longer offer automated payments through the website at this time.)






Evoscan 2.5+ or Mitsulogger
Tactrix Openport 1.3u-2.0 Cable Compatible with the Lancer Evolution.
Wideband Oxygen Sensor (AEM Uego, LC-1, Zeitronix, etc)
Laptop with a Working USB Port (Any Newer Laptop)
Tactrix Openport Software found here



We advise every customer to thoroughly perform a boost leak test to a minimum of 5psi above their target boost level to assure they get the most out of their Evo and our tuning services. Please make sure there are no loose parts hitting other parts that make "pinging" noises during driving or revving, as this will create "phantom knock" which is false background engine noise coming from your engine bay region that can trigger the knock sensor to go off, which in turn will effect the quality of your tune by retarding the ignition timing on the ECU due to the built in safety feature Mitsubishi equipped your ECU with when knock occurs.



You will be asked to log certain Display Items in EvoScan and list them in a certain particular order that we prefer to use. Once EvoScan is setup, you will be asked if you have any prior roms or logs from the previous tune or tuner. Once your logs are analyzed and your full detailed mod list is received, We will then begin the tuning process. We ask for old logs & rom because we can use this information to further speed up the tuning process. We will never tune off your existing rom unless requested to. However, We still need it in order to have Rom ID information, Immobilizer codes, periphery bit information, and whatever else that may be customized and necessary for your Evo to function properly. All customers will be converted to Tephra V7 automatically unless otherwise request not to be. We recommend Tephra v7 due to the higher resolution in the fuel, Ignition, and logging 1byte operation.

Once everything is setup after reviewing our tutorials, you will be given instructions how to proceed with your vehicle. Whether it be a pull from 2k to 5k, an idle log, or simply just starting the vehicle, it will depend on your vehicle and the information you have provided us with, which will determine the precautions we will take when beginning the tuning process on your Evo.

Our standard tuning service offers quite a bit of services for a low starting price of only $350. We will do things other tuners wont and cant do. We can and have unlocked load limits within the ECU, unlocked fuel limits, modified our own custom XML files, Remote accessed into customers computers to set up their EvoScan for them, Properly calibrated customers Knock sensors to properly function on their engines with excessive noise due to cams with aggressive ramp rates, adjust ignition temp trims, and much more. We are very experienced with Highly modified Evos and have tons of experience with tuning E85 & Q16 racing fuels. We will also offer Dual maps for an additional fee or ECU boost control for an additional fee. We highly recommend you choose the dual map feature if you're being tuned on E85 for a backup fuel source so you can run 87-93+ oct on the main or alt map. We even offer Speed density solutions to those who have larger frame turbos that tend to outflow the factory MAF, or simply to just get rid of the MAF system in general which we highly recommend doing.

What are some things included?

Tephra V7 Conversion
Custom High/Low Ignition maps
Custom High/Low Fuel maps
Custom Rev Limit
Custom Fuel cut
Custom Stationary rev limit
Custom Launch maps
Gear based boost controller (ecu boost)
Boost Error Correction (ecu boost)
Load based ignition mapping (separate / multi gear tuning)
Injector scaling & deadtime / latency settings
Advanced Injector Pulse Width Calibration
Advanced Open/Closed Loop Calibration RPM dependant
Custom rom modifications 
Unlock Load Limit
Unlock Fuel limit 
Configure rom & EvoScan for 3/4/5 map logging
Optimize ISCV Tables
Rescale Load & RPM Axis (If Necessary)
Recalibrate Knock Sensor  (If Necessary)
Rescale MAF (Recommended for poor idling issues)
Adjust closed loop to open loop airflow hz crossover tables
Acel Enrichment adjustments
Decel Fuel cut delay adjustments
Cranking IPW (To start E85 & 87~ on first crank in any weather conditions)
Injector Pulse Width Modifications (For larger injectors 1650cc+)
Enable / Disable Lean Spool (Enabled by default, but disabled by us at times)
Advanced Ecuboost / MBC combination tuning techniques.
and much more!



You will receive detailed tutorials and instructions on how to setup your EvoScan so that we can tune your evo to the best of ours and your ability. If you do not have EvoScan you can buy it from the link below. We can also use mitsulogger, but prefer you buy EvoScan, as it will make the tuning process much easier and safer for you as well. It simply logs at a faster data rate then anything else available.













Tactrix openport 1.3U Programmer Cable

List Price: $142.00
Shipping: Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery)
Turnaround Time: 24-48 hrs of order received
Included: Programmer Cable with Reflash connector
Availability: Currently In Stock - (20~ available as of 3/21/2017)

Select Options


  -Main Features of this Item-

Read & Write Your stock ecu via OBDII Connection
Logs faster then the 2.0 cable by 20%   
Functional on any Standard USB Port
Full Support via online-forums or directly through us

Works with any standard OBDII Port


Product Compatibility Listing
1994-2007 Mitsubishi EFI ECU Datalogging (MUTII/III) yes
1999-2007 Subaru EFI ECU Datalogging (SSMII) yes
1995-2007 Any Make/Model OBDII EFI ECU Datalogging (OBDII) yes
Evo4/5/6/7/8/9  AYC & ACD & ABS Datalogging and AYC / ACD Air Bleeding (MUTII/MUTIII) (if this doesn't work for you, then remove pin9 with pliers, if this still doesn't work for you, then send the cable back for one of the latest openport 1.3U models that does) yes
1996-2007 OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading (evoscan support for this is a little patchy at the moment, but for the most part works,  I'm working on making this better.) yes
ECUFlash Tuning Evo7/8/9 yes
ECUFlash Tuning 3rd Gen Mitsubishi 2001-2005 yes
ECUFlash Tuning 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse AT yes
ECUFlash Tuning 2004 Subaru DBW models STi/FXT/LGT/Baja yes
ECUFlash Tuning 2005-2007 Subaru DBW models WRX/STi yes
ECUFlash Tuning 2005-2006 Subaru DBW models FXT/OBXT/LGT/Baja yes
ECUFlash Tuning 2001-2005 Subaru Impreza WRX (all except USDM) yes
ECUFlash Tuning 2001-2005 Subaru Impreza STI (all except USDM) yes
ECUFlash Tuning 2002-2005 Subaru Impreza WRX (USDM models) yes
Reflashing Evo10 No
Reflashing Evo5 / 6 / 6.5TME No
Datalogging 1994-2007 Mitsubishi (MUTII/III and OBDII) EFI on EvoScan GPS Navigator yes
Datalogging 1999-2007 Subaru EFI on EvoScan GPS Navigator yes
Reflashing Evo7/8/9  on EvoScan GPS Navigator yes
Diagnostic Trouble codes on EvoScan GPS Navigator yes
Datalogging for Mitsubishi Diesel Vehicles No
Datalogging for Mitsubishi Evo1-3 No
Datalogging/Reset AirBag SRS No
CANBus communications 2008-2011 Vehicles No













Speed Density Conversion Hardware Selection (Omni 4bar, 4" SD Intake)

Shipping: Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery)
Turnaround Time: 24-48 hrs of order received
Availability: In Stock (12 Omnipower 4bar map sensors in stock as of 7-24-2017)

Select Options


  -Main Features of the Omnipower 4bar -

Speed density via Stock ECU
Log boost pressure up to 40psi+  
Direct plug and play for the Mitsubishi Evo 3/4/5/6/7/8/9.
100% Compatible with all Mitsubishi vehicles




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